Enjoy a variety of timeless flavours

Enjoy a variety of timeless flavours


Start your days by fueling-up on the nutritional goodness that our Breakfast feast brings to your table. End your evenings with your favourite drink in hand, as you stargaze and replay the day’s highlights with your favourite person or persons. At Doryssa Theorem Hotel, we make sure your days begin phenomenally and your nights end graciously. Our Breakfasts are made with the finest of ingredients and prepared with extra love and care because a good beginning makes a good ending. And as far as endings go, our Bar is here to ensure an amazing end to your evenings, with delicious cocktail concoctions that are sure to appease your senses.


Wind down your evenings


Evenings with us end in the most enchanting way. Nights here are all about relishing the final moments of the day. After you have soaked up all the sights and sounds of Pythagoreion, here is where you can truly unwind. Sipping on a deliciously prepared cocktail, a glass of local or international wine while replaying

Fueling your mornings for seizing the day


Mornings with us begin in the grandest of ways. Breakfasts here are all about savouring sensational flavours through a range of local and Greek delicacies as well as all-time favourite international dishes that will set your mood for the day. Indulge yourselves each and every morning through a sumptuous buffet and some a la carte