Holidays to awaken your senses

Holidays to awaken your senses

At Doryssa, we become curators of your island holiday dreams. Across our six hotels in Samos, you will find elegantly modern environments that are characterised by luxury and authenticity. During your stay at any one of our Doryssa Hotels & Resorts, you can expect unbeatable seascape locations, unsurpassed hospitality and boundless enjoyment through exciting experiences at every turn.

Join us to rediscover the serene, northern Aegean island of Samos through our eyes, in a way that you will remember for years to come.



Unan Asian Fusion

A tantalizing taste of the orient, in an elegant setting that will take you on a journey which transcends all the way to the captivating Japan.

Asterias Seaside Bear Bar is part of the facilities of our luxury hotels in Samos


Asterias Seaside Experience

Combining a stunning seaside setting with sensational drinks, delicious food and a lively atmosphere, Asterias Seaside is the place to be.

The quaint Greek Kafeneion at Doryssa Seaside part of our luxury hotels in Samos



Experience a favourite Greek pastime by visiting our traditional Greek coffee shop, Kafeneio, located in our unique Village dwelling.




A sun-soaked sanctuary by the sea, where you can unwind, enjoy the shimmering waters, and savor culinary delights from poolside refreshments to oceanfront seafood feasts.

A charming Village atmosphere of 5 star luxuries


Boat Excursions

Chase the feeling of absolute bliss through endless sea visuals, swimming in remote, crystalline waters and embrace the magic of a spectacular sunset over sea. Explore the riveting coastline, the beaches and the coves of Samos island from a unique vantage point.


Family moments

Happy moments of family togetherness, and enjoyable moments apart. Families staying with us can have it all.



Our resort provides our guests with bicycles as convenient, fitness-oriented and eco-way to get around.



For many, holidays are about replenishing your energy and rekindling your sense of balance. Our spa is dedicated to giving guests who seek to achieve a deep state of relaxation and invigoration, nothing but the best in wellness and beauty care.



Let’s not forget about the evenings! Your enjoyment here doesn’t end after the sun goes down.

An elegant setting for samos weddings and other social events at Doryssa Hotels

Moments to be cherished forever


Celebrate the most important moments of your life, in a most immaculate setting.



Samos island is a place of striking beauty and the crown jewel of the north east Aegean. It is the most developed island of the cluster.



We have chosen Pythagoreio as the location of Doryssa Hotels & Resorts due to its charm, historical value and wonderful position.

The Doryssa luxury hotels are exo eco friendly hotels in samos

Eco Awareness

Environment & Sustainability

We care. About the world around us and how we interact with it. We have extensive environmental, health & safety, community, people and children’s policies in place that ensure you have chosen a responsible place in which harmony prevails.