Doryssa Method Hotel
Exuding the classic, traditional island aesthetic of Samos.

Exuding the classic, traditional island aesthetic of Samos.

Doryssa Method Hotel

Enjoy the authentic side of Greek hospitality, right in the heart of the picturesque village of Pythagoreion.

Welcome to Method Hotel


Situated in the heart of the historical village of Pythagoreion, Method Hotel offers you a setting that is fully imbued with bonafide Greek island ambiance. Set on a quiet, traditional paved pedestrian street, your stay here is one characterised by relaxation, calmness and enjoyment.

Modern rooms inspired by Samiot charm


The accommodation options found at Method Hotel consist of modernly equipped, double rooms.
They provide guests with complete privacy in a reposeful, elegant environment.

Fueling your mornings for seizing the day


Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day, since it can set your mood and replenish your energy levels for seizing the day ahead. Our daily Breakfast does just that, serving you a plenitude of delicious dishes made with love and with the finest of ingredients in a delightful courtyard, al fresco setting.

Turning passing moments into great memories


Become part of the local surroundings and connect with the soul of Samos by engaging with the local culture by going on excursions to nearby towns and admiring the island’s remarkable nature.