Doryssa Seaside Resort
A sensational place to both experience and explore
Collection of Doryssa luxury hotels in Samos main pools surrounded by palm trees

A sensational place to both experience and explore

Doryssa Seaside Resort

At Doryssa Seaside Resort, you will be experiencing an authentic stay made of island dreams. Our modern 5-star seaside resort in Samos is located next to the picturesque Pythagoreio.


The Resort

Our complex consists of two hospitality experiences, offering you the chance to choose what you feel you will enjoy more. Staying at our high-end main building is one option if you prefer to stay centrally, while those who seek an alternative, more authentic island setup can choose our sublime Village.

Set on a magnificent beach, Doryssa Seaside Resort is a place to both experience and explore.


Live the authentic Samos village life

The Village

At our one-of-a-kind seaside Village, we have recreated the absolute essence of Samos. Staying here will be an immersive experience into Samos island’s rural life, becoming part of a colorful community that has the bonafide feel of a real village, but with high-end accommodation and services.


all the holiday comforts you desire

What type of accommodation do you prefer?

Doryssa Seaside's suites with sea view in Samos, outer building view

Stay at the main building

Revel in all the comforts of understated luxury. Our 181 recently renovated rooms are delivering all the holiday comforts you desire.

Stay at the village

At our one-of-a-kind seaside Village, we have recreated the absolute essence of Samos.


Unan Asian Fusion

A tantalizing taste of the orient, in an elegant setting that will take you on a journey which transcends all the way to the captivating Japan.

Doryssa Restaurant


Mediterranean Restaurants

Sharing the gems of Mediterranean gastronomy with you, we serve the most loved recipes made with nothing but the finest local ingredients.



Asterias Seaside Experience

Combining a stunning seaside setting with sensational drinks, delicious food and a lively atmosphere, Asterias Seaside is the place to be.

The quaint Greek Kafeneion at Doryssa Seaside part of our luxury hotels in Samos



Experience a favourite Greek pastime by visiting our traditional Greek coffee shop, Kafeneio, located in our unique Village dwelling.




A sun-soaked sanctuary by the sea, where you can unwind, enjoy the shimmering waters, and savor culinary delights from poolside refreshments to oceanfront seafood feasts.


Boat Excursions

Chase the feeling of absolute bliss through endless sea visuals, swimming in remote, crystalline waters and embrace the magic of a spectacular sunset over sea. Explore the riveting coastline, the beaches and the coves of Samos island from a unique vantage point.


Family moments

Happy moments of family togetherness, and enjoyable moments apart. Families staying with us can have it all.



Our resort provides our guests with bicycles as convenient, fitness-oriented and eco-way to get around. Since Doryssa encompasses an eco-friendly mentality, part of our mindset revolves around encouraging our guests to use bicycles, especially for short distances.


Observe and witness Samos

Become part of the local surroundings and connect with the soul of Samos by engaging with the local culture by going on excursions to nearby towns and admiring the island’s remarkable nature.



For many, holidays are about replenishing your energy and rekindling your sense of balance. Our spa is dedicated to giving guests who seek to achieve a deep state of relaxation and invigoration, nothing but the best in wellness and beauty care.



Let’s not forget about the evenings! Your enjoyment here doesn’t end after the sun goes down.

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