The Doryssa luxury hotels are exo eco friendly hotels in samos



We care. About the world around us and how we interact with it. We have extensive environmental, health & safety, community, people and children’s policies in place that ensure you have chosen a responsible place in which harmony prevails.


What We Care For

At Doryssa Seaside Resort, we have realized the need to protect the planet’s natural resources, Samos in particular, as well as our share of responsibility. Therefore, we constantly strive to limit the negative effects to the natural environment from the activity of our hotel and we are committed to pursuing the highest environmental sustainability.

The last year we managed to achieve:

  • Reducing energy consumption by 3%
  • The reduction of water consumption by 5%
  • Restricting the use of one-use plastics by 7%
  • The reduction of solid waste going to landfill by 10%
  • The protection of the local fauna and flora with emphasis on strengthening biodiversity.

To this end:

  • We apply some of the most efficient technologies for the production of hot water and air conditioning in guest rooms by using solar and geothermal energy respectively.
  • We fully comply with environmental legislation and voluntarily adopt international standards for sustainable management to continuously improve our environmental footprint.
  • We constantly monitor and record our consumption of energy, water and chemicals and the amounts of waste we produce.
  • We develop an annual plan of measures and actions in relation to the replacement / upgrade of the hotel’s technical infrastructure and the improvement of its operating processes.
  • We continuously train our staff and provide clear guidelines per department and job-role in order to enhance resources savings and the protection of the environment.
  • In collaboration with our suppliers, we seek to purchase products that are environmentally friendly, have high energy efficiency, low water demands, reduced packaging and are certified for sustainable production and distribution (FSC, MSC, Fair Trade, etc.)
  • We inform our guests about the applied measures with regard to our environmental and societal responsibility and we encourage them to help us achieve our goals by following a few simple and easy practices during their stay.
  • We promote synergies and seek partnerships with local organizations, scientific institutions, environmental organizations and active citizens for the promotion, protection and improvement of ecosystems located in the vicinity of the hotel.

At Doryssa Seaside Resort, we respect human rights and disapprove any discrimination with regard to colour, religion, origin / ethnicity / nationality, age, gender / sexual orientation or disability, whether at the expense of a guest, employee, visitor or supplier of our hotel. We also care deeply about the rights of our employees, as we consider them to be this hotel’s main competitive advantage in providing high quality services, and thus contributing decisively into shaping a unique hospitality experience for our guests.

To ensure the above:

  • We sign written contracts with all of our employees that are in accordance to the national labour legislation, and provide clear information about their salary, insurance, type of work and the days / hours of work.
  • We inform our staff about all applicable laws and labour rights, such as the right to participate in any union or professional association and being able to elect their representatives during work hours in agreement with the hotel’s management.
  • We respect the individuality of each employee and ensure a workplace of equal promotion opportunities, free of discrimination and harassment.
  • We take seriously the professional development of our staff and to this end, we provide our employees with training and support in their work duties by the time of recruitment and throughout their entire cooperation with the company.
  • We have developed a clear framework in terms of behaviour and work responsibilities for each staff member and have informed them about the sanctions in case of misconduct. Nevertheless, the administration avoids imposing any penalties for no good reason.
  • Similarly, all employees know the time and the person/s that they can turn to in case they have a problem, complaint or suggestion, and if they wish to keep their anonymity, there is a respective box, located in the staff canteen.

At Doryssa Seaside Resort, we seek for more than just a harmonious relationship with the local community, in which we operate, and aim to be an important pillar of development and prosperity. Although the continuous improvement of the quality of services we provide to our guests is our primary goal, we also believe that this can be better achieved through our positive contribution to the local community and respect for its inhabitants.

Towards this goal:

  • We maintain a close relation with the local community, respecting the characteristics and sensitivities of the local people and encouraging a frank and open dialogue on all matters of concern to them, even for issues not directly related to the operation of our hotel.
  • We promote to our guests the local customs, traditions, folk-arts, festivals/events and any touristic services offered in the area, especially if they are based on the principles of sustainable development, e.g. visiting agrofarms, walking trails, etc.
  • We seek to buy goods and services from local businesses and prefer to hire people that live in Samos throughout the year, in order to create a direct economic benefit to the local community.
  • We look for fresh, local products in order to enrich the dining experience we offer to our customers, while strengthening local production in the primary sector.
  • The facilities and services provided by us (conference center, pool, beach, restaurants, etc.) are available to everyone, guests and locals, with the same conditions.
  • We actively support the local community in the form of donations to charitable organizations, associations and institutions in the region, both in goods and money, fulfilling a wide range of needs.


What We Do

At Doryssa Seaside Resort, we give high importance to ensuring the health and safety of our staff, guests and generally everyone within our facilities who may be affected by the work and activities of the hotel.

To this end:

  • We fully comply with applicable health and safety legislation and respective industry standards.
  • We regularly evaluate all employees and make sure that they are competent and trained for the task assigned to them.
  • We sufficiently recognize the risks associated with the activities performed in the hotel and take all necessary measures to provide a secure environment in order to prevent any accidents, injuries or illnesses. These measures include:
    i) Informing staff, and if required, visitors for any health and safety issues with appropriate guidelines.
    ii) Following specific procedures relating to the reception, storage, preservation, processing and distribution of food, beverages, chemicals and generally any materials used and consumed on site.
    iii) Carrying out the preventing maintenance plan of all equipment and necessary safety checks.
    iv) The installation of appropriate safety signage throughout the hotel for warning and guidance of employees and customers about potential dangers or in case of emergency.
    v) Provide employees with proper work gear and personal protective equipment according to their tasks.
    vi) The elaboration of emergency response plans.
    vii) Regular checks of the fire-fighting equipment, fire alarm systems and evacuation plan.

At Doryssa Seaside Resort, it is our main priority to continuously improve the services we offer our guests. We strive to meet their expectations and offer a unique holiday experience, so most of them will choose to return to our hotel in the future.

Towards this goal:

  • We follow specific procedures in all departments and hotel operations, as per the international quality management system ISO 9001.
  • We regularly check the effectiveness of these procedures and implement appropriate corrective actions if necessary.
  • We promote cooperation between departments and encourage communication of personnel at all levels with the senior management.
  • We constantly seek our customers’ evaluation in order to promptly identify any omission or failure and deal with it swiftly and efficiently. For this purpose, we collect satisfaction questionnaires from our guests, pay attention to the comments they share on social media and consider the reviews from tour operators with whom we collaborate.

At Doryssa Seaside Resort, we are very sensitive to issues concerning the rights, safety and protection of children. Being an important link in the tourist industry, we understand our responsibility against all forms of child exploitation and abuse, thus we are committed in providing all minors who are within the jurisdiction of our hotel, with a safe and pleasant environment.

Therefore, none of the following forms of child abuse is tolerated:

  • Physical, psychological and / or verbal abuse by any person (family members
    / guardians, other guests at the hotel even peers, staff members and / or external visitors).
  • Neglect and inadequate supervision for periods that may endanger their physical or mental health.
  • Sexual abuse and / or exploitation whether it is perceived as such or not by the child.
  • Tasks intended for adults or that do not meet the specific conditions for children protection.

To ensure the above:

  • We provide appropriate training to our staff members in order to understand the importance of protecting children’s rights and their share of responsibility to ensure a protected and secure environment in our hotel.
  • We expressly forbid the employment of people under 16 years of age in our hotel and require relevant information from our suppliers.
  • We commit that if any person 16-18 years old is employed, this will be done in accordance with international conventions for the protection of children and by following closely the relevant national legislation.
  • In case of serious incidents, we are committed to inform the competent authorities, including rightful non-governmental organizations.

In 2019 Doryssa Seaside Resort got the Travel Life Award !

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