Enjoy holiday living by experiencing moments

Enjoy holiday living by experiencing moments


Wanting to create an environment in which you can find your own groove and set your own pace, our Boutique Hotel offers the following facilities and services.


For many, holidays are about replenishing your energy and rekindling...


Soak up the town vibes

Our location in the charming Pythagoreion on Samos island is ideal for those who love to stroll around. Explore this once ancient seaside settlement through leisurely saunters that whisper tales of the past and wrap you in the embrace of
authentic contemporary town life.

At our bike friendly hotels in Samos, we promote cycling as the most environmental way of getting around



Cycling around Pythagoreion town is one of the best ways to explore it. We encourage you to cycle around and familiarize yourselves with our town as if it were your own.

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Bespoke moments

We offer you the luxury of devoting a few moments to yourselves. Be it keeping
up with your training routine at our gym, indulging in a soothing massage, or going on an island adventure.



Boat Excursions

Chase the feeling of absolute bliss through endless sea visuals, swim in remote, crystalline waters and be taken by spectacular sunsets over sea. Explore the riveting coastline, the beaches and the coves of Samos island from a unique and
insightful vantage point.


Explore the island

Become part of the local surroundings and connect with the soul of Samos by engaging with the local culture by going on excursions to nearby towns and admiring the island’s remarkable nature.