Culinary journeys through exceptional flavours
Table set at our top restaurants in samos found in Doryssa Hotels

Culinary journeys through exceptional flavours


Treat yourselves to a highly sensory culinary exploration of flavours through dishes that have a story to tell. Exploring the link between food and the soul, here you will find a handful of enticing culinary options to choose from. Our buffet-style Mediterranean Restaurants are where you will indulge in all the classic, timeless flavours.

Asterias Seaside Beach Bar is the place you’ll enjoy a variety of exquisite dishes, including Italian all-time favourites as well as selection of light meals and snacks in a seaside boho-chic setting.

As for when you crave a taste of the orient, our Unan Sushi Bar welcomes you in an elegant environment for a refined, Japanese inspired dinner.

For a bit of bonafide Greek flair, head over to our quaint Village Kafeneio for a BBQ feast and Greek souvlaki.

Asterias Seaside Bear Bar is part of the facilities of our luxury hotels in Samos

A sensational place to unwind

Asterias Seaside Experience

Combining a stunning seaside setting with sensational drinks, delicious food and a lively atmosphere, Asterias Seaside is the place to be.


A tantalizing taste of the orient

Unan Asian Fusion

A refreshing culinary alternative, our Unan Asian Fusion brings you flavours from the orient, serving you sushi made from the freshest fish.


From Poolside Refreshments to Oceanfront Delights


A sun-soaked sanctuary by the sea, where you can unwind, enjoy the shimmering waters, and savor culinary delights from poolside refreshments to oceanfront seafood feasts.

The quaint Greek Kafeneion at Doryssa Seaside part of our luxury hotels in Samos

Experience a favourite Greek pastime


Experience a favourite Greek pastime by visiting our traditional Greek coffee shop, Kafeneio, located in our unique Village dwelling.