The Resort

The Resort

At Doryssa Seaside Resort, you will be experiencing an authentic stay made of island dreams. Our modern 5-star seaside resort in Samos is located next to the picturesque Pythagoreio.

Set on a magnificent beach, Doryssa Seaside Resort is a place to both experience and explore. Our complex consists of two hospitality experiences, offering you the chance to choose what you feel you will enjoy more. Staying at our high-end main building is one option if you prefer to stay centrally, while those who seek an alternative, more authentic island setup can choose our sublime Village. Within both you will find a haven of understated modern luxury, while our Village residences reflect the Samos’ unique architectural charm, through a modern lens.

Whichever you end up choosing, you will find a superb environment made of environmentally friendly materials, energy saving policies, minimal interiors and pure linen upholstery throughout for creating a soothing, elegant atmosphere that will characterize your stay.


At our Main Building, you should expect to be surrounded in a contemporary, elegant environment of understated luxury. Our wonderfully appointed rooms are designed to provide you with all the comforts and conveniences of a 5 star hotel in Samos island. Decorated in a minimalist, modern style, they are dressed in comforting, earthy tones for soothing your senses instantly.


At our one-of-a-kind seaside Village, we have recreated the absolute essence of Samos. Staying here will be an immersive experience into Samos island’s rural life, becoming part of a colorful community that has the bonafide feel of a real village, but with high-end accommodation and services. Decorated with the traditional elements, our rooms and suites are modernly equipped, bringing you 5 star comforts in a setting of rustic charm. Our Village has been modelled after several actual settlements, in which you can distinctly observe the island’s different architectural styles, making it a testament to Samos’ poignant past.

Our Village is a prototype, providing a glimpse into Samos island’s cultural fabric. Staying at our unique Village means you will become part of a living museum, indulging in a retro-modern ambiance as well as 5 star comforts. Replicating the various island settlements’ different architectural styles and recreating a village setting to truly reflect a typical village, everything here is simply enchanting.
Traditional Samiot cobblestones streets lead the way around our authentically recreated residences, and onto the main square, around which you will find a traditional coffee shop locally known as ‘Kafeneio’ plus more artisan shops including a mini market and a few boutiques, that add to the authentic rural charm that permeates the entire dwelling. Completing the cultural tapestry of our Village is of course the reconditioned chapel of Agia Marina which you should definitely visit for admiring the remarkable, restored Byzantine frescoes.