Your eco-way to get around
At our bike friendly hotels in Samos, we promote cycling as the most environmental way of getting around

Your eco-way to get around


Doryssa Hotels & Resorts provide guests with bicycles as a convenient, fitness-oriented and eco-way to get around. Encouraging our guests to use bicycles fits into our sustainability philosophy that encompasses an eco-friendly mentality towards hospitality. Our eco-aware mindset aims at engaging guests in actively participating in more environmentally friendly ways of getting around, if they so wish.

With all properties in close proximity to one another, cycling around is the most convenient and environmentally-conscious way of getting to and from our main Doryssa Seaside Resort, where most facilities are located, as well as for discovering the picturesque port of Pythagoreion and the lovely surrounding landscapes.

If the explorer in you is feeling adventurous, ask us for more recommendations as to the best cycling routes in Samos!

Feel free to have a look at some of the most amazing bike routes available:

Kolóna – Néa Póli

Chora – Koumaradaioi – Mills – Iraio – Chora




Samos kleine Runde mit Eupalinos Tunnel

Dzien piaty

Dzien pierwszy

Samos – Fredag

IH Samos 1

Samos – Lang tur

Rute 1



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