Your eco-way to get around
At our bike friendly hotels in Samos, we promote cycling as the most environmental way of getting around

Your eco-way to get around


In our attempt to cultivate a more environmentally-friendly attitude when it comes to getting around, we offer our guests bicycles for reaching our Doryssa Seaside Resort that has many facilities our Boutique guests can enjoy. Combining a bit of exercise, zero-carbon footprint and scenic routes, cycling is a fantastic way of exploring the immediate surroundings and reaching close-by locations, such as the center of Pythagoreio and more.

Feel free to have a look at some of the most amazing bike routes available:

Kolóna – Néa Póli
Chora – Koumaradaioi – Mills – Iraio – Chora
Samos kleine Runde mit Eupalinos Tunnel
Dzien piaty
Dzien pierwszy
Samos – Fredag
IH Samos 1
Samos – Lang tur
Rute 1




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