Environmental Activities

In our attempt for better service, our high priority is the development and protection of the natural environment of the hotel. Wishing to implement this philosophy we took specific action some of which are listed below:

Energy Saving:
- Solar and geothermal energy for heating water and air conditioning throughout the whole period of the hotel’s operation.
- Use of gas for the kitchen and the laundries.
- Installation of low power consumption bulbs in all areas.
- Double glass in all rooms for better insulation.
- Special insulation in the network of hot and cold water

Saving and water quality:
- Automatic garden watering.
- Daily analysis of the quality of pool water and drinking water.
- All chemicals (detergents, pesticides and fertilizers) are soluble in water and environmentally friendly.
- Pressure control system on water consumption

Rational waste management
- The sewage network of the hotel is connected to the municipal sewage network of the Municipality of Pythagorion.
- The stationary items used by the hotel in the health interest places are all biodegradable.

Decline of solid waste
- Liquid soap is used in all toilets of public spaces.
- All glass bottles of soft drinks are reimbursed
- We participate in the programme AFIS (battery recycling)

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